How to make paleo banana bread (gluten-free)

How to make paleo banana bread (gluten-free)

Here are all the supplies. You'll notice that the bananas are dark and have juice. When baking I always use frozen bananas. I thaw them for a few hours.

Preheat the oven on bake at 350 degrees.

And your pinch of salt.

Add almond meal.

Mix it up until it looks and has the consistency of almond butter. Sometimes it takes just a little bit more meal sometimes less it depends on the brand.

Pour the batter in the pan.

Users the spatula to smoothing out the batter. Nice and even.

This recipe can also include a handful of nuts or blueberries. Really whatever you would like ! Sidenote- I sometimes don't have enough eggs so I made it with 2 egg and 1 tablespoon more of honey.

Put in oven for 40 minutes or until center is cooked. You can check it with the toothpick test (put it in and take it out, it should be clean.

Let cool and enjoy!

Watch the video: Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe With Coconut Flour (January 2022).