How to cook malaysian beef rendang w/ coconut rice

How to cook malaysian beef rendang w/ coconut rice

Cut all wet ingredients into cubes and place them into the food processors. Grind until it turns into purée. Put aside. Cut the beef into 2inches cubes. Put aside.

Prepare the dry ingredients. Put aside.

I use UHT coconut milk/cream. Brands from Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand are all good to be used.

Heat oil. Pan fry the chili purée for 10mins. Place the beef and fry until outer layer of meat is cooked.

Add coconut cream, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks. Allow to boil for 30-40mins or until juice is reduced by 1/2. Add the cloves & half the desiccated coconut. Continue stirring.

You'd know the stew is ready when the colour turned dark brown and chili oil appears on the surface. Remove from stove and place the pot aside.

Preparing the condiments: cut the fresh cucumber into slices. Put aside for serving later.

Preparing fried anchovies: Step 1: heat wok with oil (approx 2 cups) Step 2: fry the anchovies for 1min until golden brown. Step 3: place fried anchovies onto a plate with kitchen towel. Put aside

Preparing the coconut rice: Step 1: rinse the grains (3 times) Step 2: add coconut cream Step 3: add water & 1 tsp salt Note: 3 cups grains = 1 cup water & 2 cups coconut cream

Boil eggs, peel and cut into half. Put aside.

Serve the cooked rice with beef rendang and add condiments in a plate. Note: chili sambal (red paste with sliced onion) recipe will be provided separately after this.

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