How to make almond milk

How to make almond milk

Soak almond overnight to "activate" them.

Warm the water. It shouldn't be hot! You should be able to feel the water comfortably.

Place almonds and water on a blender. I'm doubling the amounts here because I'm making a batch of "original flavor" & one "vanilla".

Blend on high until the liquid turns milky.

Transfer to a bowl. There will be a fair amount of "pulp" so make sure to use a colander or strainer to remove it.

Back to the blender! Now it's time to add some sweetener and oil (optional). If you want, you can skip this but it will improve the flavor. You can also add vanilla.

Once you add the sweetener and oil (and vanilla if desired), blend again for about a minute to help make it's consistency slightly thicker.

To ensure that there is the least amount of "pulp" present in the final product, strain again. For a finer milk, use a cheese cloth at this point. For a coarser or more "rustic" milk, skip this step.

Have your bottles ready! Time to fill them.

And there you have it! The vanilla flavored milk to the left, the original flavor to the right! Kept in the fridge it should last about 3-4 days depending on the temperature and container.

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