How to engage the audience with nearpod business

How to engage the audience with nearpod business

Launch the Nearpod Business app from the instructor's device and log in as Presenter with the username and password you created.

From the My Library page, tap on the Launch button below the presentation you wish to use.

Now, ask participants to launch the Nearpod Business app on their devices and select "Enter PIN".

When ready, participants should enter the PIN located at the top of the Nearpod Business app.

The second slide of any Nearpod Business presentation will require participants to log in.

Continue to swipe left to advance your audience through the NPP in a linear sequence.

Tap on the scrubber below to go into preview mode and navigate the presentation. Then, tap on Share to push the current slide into the participants' devices.

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Watch the video: Increase Engagement with NearPod (January 2022).