How to make a diy hand-knit tshirt bracelet

How to make a diy hand-knit tshirt bracelet

You'll need an old tshirt (or tshirt with sleeves, it doesn't matter) and a pair of scissors for fabrics (you don't have to, but it's easier to cut).

Cut a 2 and a half cm strip at the bottom. Make sure to cut both layers so you end up with this ^^ Cut 3 strips.

See this? you're gonna cut at both ends.

See? Now do that to all strips.

Take one strip and pull both ends. They'll close up.

Do it to the other strips. Now tie small knots to connect them. (As small as possible!)

My knots aren't that small, but oh well. Mine is this long. Slide to begin! ----->

But remember, you don't need to do the exact wrist measurement as this stretches to fit in your wrist. Trust me, at first mine was too long and it was loose!

Here's what it's supposed to look like!

Here's the finished bracelet :) why don't you make one for your friend? just an idea ;)

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