How to paint cupid resting with your fingers.

How to paint cupid resting with your fingers.

Prime your canvas with a combination of liquid white and liquid black using your chip brush.

Sketch out your Cupid figure and begin to block in some black around him.

Once the background is totally done, scratch out the hint of wings with your thumb nail.

Add a basic first coat of color.

Use Sienna for your first shadows.

Use brown and some black for another layer of shadows. Start to look at his wings.

Some highlights by scrubbing in some white and another layer of darkness.

The Post-Renaissance Baroque period concentrated on the movement and form of the subject by using the contrast of shadow and light.

First coating of the face.

Highlight and shadow on Cupid's face as well as fixing some body discrepancies.

A little sienna on a dry brush to warm the shadow a bit.

Yes, Cupid is resting. But still keeps his hand on an arrow.

Final finger work on the face.

Light detail with liner brush on the face. Sign the corner with your pinky.

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