How to make raw kale salad

How to make raw kale salad

This year I'm experimenting with growing kale. I've got Tuscan and curly so time will show which preforms best in my garden, and which we like best. So prepare yourself for lots of kale recipes :-)

I'm making a salad with both curly and Tuscan kale, just use one or the other. See tab for measurements ⬇

Remove the stem.

Stem removal on Tuscan kale.

Rolle the kale together and chop finely. See my guide on making raw white cabbage salad, on how to massage the kale to make it easier to digest. (Rub with corse salt and rinse)

Cut the grapefruit wedges free of the bitter membrane. Hope you understand what I mean.

Cut chunks of crispy pear, add pecan and cranberries. Pour the vinaigrette over and toss. I've made a guide on a vinaigrette that tastes nice on this salad.

Watch the video: The Best Way to Prepare Raw Kale (January 2022).