How to workout with fibromyalgia

How to workout with fibromyalgia

Warm-up by walking in place for two minutes, then complete each exercises for one minute. Once completed, walk in place for one minute then do all exercises again for thirty seconds.

Assisted Down Dog: this is much like the traditional downward facing dog, except your forearms should be resting on a chair to reduce pressure on the wrists, shoulders, and hips.

Bicycles: Lay on your back with a towel under the pelvic bones. Keep the neck on the ground and eyes towards the ceiling. Lift legs off the ground six inches (advanced) or 45 degrees (intermediate).

Toe Touches Part II: Remain on your back with the towel under your pelvis and legs out straight on the floor. Rest arms on the floor straight above your head. You can also complete standing.

Toe Touches Part II: In one fluid movement, sit up and bring hands as close to your toes as possible, the goal is to one day touch your toes. Hold, then return to starting.

Arm Curls Part I: Weight training helps reduce pain from fibromyalgia. Start with a low resistance band and stand straight up with legs hip width apart and the resistance band under feet.

Arms Curls Part II: Slowly lift both fists towards your shoulders while keeping the back straight and shoulders down. Bend the elbows as far as you can without pain. Hold, then return to starting.

Mermaid Pose Part I: Sit on the floor with legs crossed and back straight. Bend the right arm so the palm of your hand is facing up just under your belly button. Raise the left hand over your head.

Mermaid Pose Part II: Bend your torso to the right while trying to extend both arms out in opposing directions. Hold for 5-10 seconds, then return to starting. Alternate between the right and left.

Bridge: Lay on your back with arms to the side. Bend knees at a 90 degree angle and lift the pelvis off the ground. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Rest for 5-10 seconds, then raise pelvis up again.

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