How to make "sweet lover's" hand scrub

How to make

Gather supplies. I like grapeseed oil and these tea leaves because I gave up using oil in my cooking and didn't care for this flavor of tea!

Cut tea bags open and use leaves from 2-3 bags. Can use the leaves from the cup you steeped for breakfast, if you wish!

Don't do much sugar anymore except as hummingbird food so love having another use for this white sugar.

Mix together.

Add oil one spoonful at a time just until moist.

You can use your sugar scrub now or add these additional ingredients.

I like a little soap as it helps keep my skin from feeling too oily after I rinse.

Makes it smell good but not needed to make a good hand scrub.


Use a scant spoonful and massage into hands, especially the backs and between each finger. Rinse with cool water and dry. Exfoliate with this recipe 1-3 times a week.

Some containers I've recycled for just such a DIY project.

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