How to make homemade pickles... the easy way

How to make homemade pickles... the easy way

These are the ingredients I used for this batch. Not pictured: fresh dill, onion, cucumber and water.

First chop your onions and cucumbers. I like the onions to be a bit thicker. Slice the cucumbers however you like. I'm doing a standard pickle chip thickness for this batch, but spears work well too.

Add the sugar to a mixing bowl.

Pour your vinegar in while you stir. Then add water. It is important to taste at this point because you may like your pickles to be a bit sweeter or more sour.

Add a layer of cucumbers, a layer of onions, and then a bit of the spices, and repeat until the container is filled. Then pour over the liquid.

Overfill the container, press the veggies down, and then press the lid on, removing as much air from the batch as you can. I do this over the sink for when the pickling liquid spills out.

Allow to marinate in the fridge for a few days. I make them at least a day before.

Enjoy! Play around with the ingredients and ratio of the pickling liquid until you find your favorite. Remember these will only keep for about a week, and can only be stored in the fridge.

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