How to whip up "best ever cabbage & avocado salad"

How to whip up

Chop cabbage any way that makes you happy...

...same with the carrots. I scrub them clean and then use a simple peeler to make long thin strips.

Toss these two veggies together.

With a knife, score the avocado vertically and horizontally while still in the skin and then squeeze avocado into salad.

Add cherry tomatoes.; I prefer mine cut in half first, easier to chew, my dear.

Squeeze and add Juice from 1/2 of lime.

Add balsamic vinegar and toss well, making sure you distribute avocado throughout. I've even used my hands to do this. Works better than a spoon.

I love to let this salad marinate for at least an hour before serving. But sometimes, well, I just can't wait. Leftovers are even better. Sprinkle walnuts on top right before serving.

Lunch is served. Yummers!

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