How to make a quadarama

How to make a quadarama

You will need: 4 - 22 inch X 28 inch poster boards, glue stick, and a pair of scissors

Using your first poster board, bring one of the corners down to align with the opposite edge of the poster board. Press along the folded edge to form a crease line.

Cut off the poster board excess edge.

Open the poster board. It should look like this.

Bring the opposite corners together to form a triangle. Press along the folded edge to form a crease line.

Nearly finished!

Unfold to view the four triangles. Cut one line to the center ONLY!

Apply a bead of glue along the three edges of one triangle beginning with the cut edge as shown.

Overlap triangles to form a pyramid.

Press firmly to adhere the two edges.

Repeat steps 2 through 11 with the remaining three poster boards.

Glue four together to form the quadrant as shown.

The Quadarama may be used to showcase information, people, events, pictures, and sequences. Students may decorate and color the Quadarama. Be creative and make it interesting!

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