How to cook spicy chaar. (south indian)

How to cook spicy chaar. (south indian)

Add water to tamarind and squeeze the pulp. Get the pulp in a pot and add desired amount of water to it get that to boil well. Add turmeric powder.

In the blender get the rest of your ingredients. And add some water and make a paste of it. The paste doesn't have to be thick as that would get added into the pulp water.

There you can see I grounded all the ingredients and added to the boiling tamarind water.

Salt as per your taste.

My boiling chaar is almost ready another step to add.

In this step get a separate pan and oil and the rest of the ingredients listed and gently fry them and add this to the chaar.

Ensure that the chaar is done before adding this as it would be the last step. We like to have it with hot rice to go with it.

WARNING: it is a spicy dish so get ready to feel the heat of it. if you got cold and this could be the best remedy for cold and bad throat.

Ta daa! There you go hot and spicy chaar.

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