How to make lactose-free ice cream

How to make lactose-free ice cream

These are regular supplies for me. Missing is the apple cider vinegar.

I use the instant hot to put near boiling water on the eggs for 30 seconds. I then pour out and place on a paper towel. My intention is to pasteurize, killing potential bacteria on the shell.

I blend all ingredients in the Vitamix on high. The butter can take a while to blend in well. I think I go about a minute. Use Ghee if severely lactose intolerant. Pure animal fat is without lactose.

If you have the compressor type ice cream maker, turn it on and pour it in. If not, chill the container for a couple hours.

This is liquid and takes about one hour twenty minutes.

As the ice crystals are broken up, the mixture grows.

I put in ice cream containers and freeze harder or eat some soft serve. I like to add fresh berries.

This ice cream is Scoopable right out of the freezer. It is the most delicious I have ever eaten.

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