How to create a cheap diaper pail refill.

How to create a cheap diaper pail refill.

Start with an old refill that is now empty. Note the ring on top with the holes.

Remove the plastic ring with holes. You have to pry a bit but it snaps right off, no tools required!

Get your tie flap trash bag ready. It should have four flap parts.

Thread the four tie flaps through the holes. Go from the bottom up through the hole. Just put one flap every other hole, works perfect.

Now just twist two of the flaps together and tuck them down through the hole between them. This just helps make sure the bag doesn't slip down in. Do the same with the other two flaps.

After tucking all four flaps.

Open your diaper pail and thread the bag down through.You may have to pull from the inside to get things even. Pour a little baking soda in to help with odors.1 bag lasts us a week with a one year old

Watch the video: Munchkin Diaper Pail Hack - use regular trash bags Diaper Genie (January 2022).