How to make potatoes in the grill

How to make potatoes in the grill

Wash your potato, if u don't like skin on you can peel the potato. I don't mind eating mine with the peel.

Cut your potato

Add no stick cooking spray, I used the Pam brand but you can use any kind

I seasoned my potato with salt, dried parsley, and a little olive oil. You can season it with your favorite seasoning, if you like. Arrange your potatoes like this.

Add a ice cube in the middle of the potatoes

Fold one side of the foil

Then the other one

Fold the bottom like this

And the other end as well. Should look like this

Put in the grill, mine took about 10 mins on each side on low heat. After 10 mins turn the potatoes around

On one of my foils I forgot to put the no stick spray 1st and this is how they came out, still cooked and delicious but it was a little hard to get them out. They got stuck. Oops

And this is the one that I did put the no stick spray, enjoy with your favorite meal.

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