How to make an herbal oil infusion (lavender)

How to make an herbal oil infusion (lavender)

Lavender Bud Selection - Fresh Lavender flowers (they will give you the strongest fragrance)

Lavender Harvest - Use scissors to cut the lavender flowers & buds from their stems

Fill Mason jars to the top with the flowers & buds

Lavender Drying - This is an important step because if your Lavender flowers or buds are wet or damp, mold will grow on them and destroy all the work you did to make your oil

Fill your jar to the top with your Carrier Oil If the jar is not filled to the top, mold will grow in the air space left Remember: Infused oils in Olive Oil resist rancidity at cool room temperature

Herbal Infusion Jar Labeling - Label the jar with the herb name, the kind of oil used and the date. The longer you let the oil sit, the stronger it's power will be.

You Did It! In 2 to 6 weeks, pour the contents of the jar onto a cheesecloth covering a bowl. You can use your oil now or add more herbs, top off the jar with more carrier oil and let it sit again.

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