How to replace (honda) cabin air filter.

How to replace (honda) cabin air filter.

Replacing the cabin air filter in your car can prove to be the easiest task you've ever done. Zero tools, and zero mechanical skills needed. Also, you can save a lot of money each time you do it.

This can usually run you >50€/$ Shop around online and you can get it for a fraction of that. But make sure: - you get a proper one (brand) - it fits your car - it is AC/non AC according to your car

Filter is usually behind the glove box. In a Honda Civic or Stream for instance, it is. Open and empty it.

Remove the stops on each side.

They unlock from the outside of the box. Push them in.

Box will drop, and you may have to remove it in some cars. Not on mine. Be careful not to lean on it and break the hinges.

Find the filter cover.

Find the lock and release it.

In this case, there are 2 elements. Remove the left one, slide the right one next and remove it too.

The old filter will look like this.

Replace with the new one, respect air flow markings and reassemble.

Watch the video: Honda Civic 2006-2011: Cabin Air Filter Replacement. (January 2022).