How to organize the top of your dresser

How to organize the top of your dresser

First start off with your cluttered dresser.

Go to the side with the least clutter. Clearing this off will speed things up.

Now organize anything that belongs there into an orderly fashion.

Now for the more cluttered side(if you have sides. There's a tv in my way so I have to show you by sides, sorry.)

File important papers away for later reading.

Cereal break!

Okay, now store the stray electronics in that special place where your other electronics go.

Jewelry can be stored in your jewelry box of sorts(if you're that kind of person. Sorry if you're a guy.)

Little trinkets and such could probably just stay there, or could be moved to a box of trinkets if you have one.

I like my hats where they are so I'll be keeping them there...

And voila! The top of your dresser is clutter-free!

Sorry for the really long guide for something so simple, I wanted it to be easy to follow. Also, this process is also compatible with cleaning your room in general. Enjoy! :)

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