How to make pure banana ice cream

How to make pure banana ice cream

One ingredient? Hardly any effort? Healthy? Magically delicious? Oh yes, it can be done! Here's how to make it.

First, get your tray (as you can see, my tray is VERY well used)!

Next, cover it with cling film. You will need to do this even if your tray isn't as 'well worn' as mine or the bananas will stick. Don't cut it off yet though, it needs to fold over later on.

Now get your ripe bananas, ones that have started to go nice and brown are the best for this. I've used 3 medium bananas and I ended up with two portions of ice cream.

Peel them. You can cut any really manky bits off at this point. These ones were okay.

Chop, chop, chop, chop chopping! Slice them up into nice bite-sized chunks.

Lay the banana slices out onto your cling filmed tray.

Remember when we didn't cut the cling film off. Now we need to fold it back over the top so the slices are covered up.

Put the tray in the freezer.


Take your frozen banana slices out of the freezer. Mine were in there about 10 hours but they probably don't take that long! I went out.

Look, they're frozen solid.

Get your blender reader.

Put your frozen chunks into the blender and whiz them up!

A first you'll get frozen banana crumbs. Scrap downs the sides and keep blending.

It's starting to get smoother! Keep scraping down the sides and pulsing. You might need to take the blade out and scrape that too.

Once it looks creamy it's ready.

Perfect soft scoop banana ice cream. Just one ingredient and super easy. You could always add some chopped nuts or something if you wanted.

Thanks for looking at my guide to banana ice cream. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm thinking about adding peanut butter next time so hopefully there will before guides coming soon.

Watch the video: Super Simple Banana Ice Cream. One Pot Chef (December 2021).