How to make a makeup cleaner!(:

How to make a makeup cleaner!(:

Supplies. Drink and lamp optional(:

Plug in your glue gun and wait for it to get hot

Start making small dots for your eye brushes like eye shadow, eye liner brush etc.

Bigger dots for face brushes

Then some waves and zig zag lines

Then some squiggles(:

Now let it dry for about 10 minutes or so.(:

Yay! Nice and dry!(:

To use first you need to get water on it.

Then put some cleaner on it I used one of my face washes.

Then wet your brush. One at a time!

Swirl it around to get all the make up out. Do to them all

When done swirling brushes with the cleaner, wash all the product off your board. .

Then swirl your brushes with water to get all the soap out if them.

Then just store your brushes with the top down to get all the water out. Wait over night to dry and you have nice clean brushes(:

Thank you for viewing my guide!(: you guys are awesome! If you guys have any requests or comments or any questions don't be scared to ask! (:

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