How to cook chicken fajitas

How to cook chicken fajitas

Get some hot oil in your pot approx 2-3 tablespoons and then throw in the rice to toast it! I did about 2 cups

Gather your ingredients for the sauce. Not pictured 1 large garlic clove.

Don't forget to stir your rice frequently! It's a dry ingredient and will burn quickly!

Blend all your sauce Ingredients together. Tomatoes, 1/3 of a half onion, I cube bouillon maybe more if you'd like, water, garlic. This can be done before the rice goes in the pot for ease

Looks like its good! Make sure to have your sauce ready to go, it'll start to burn more readily, stir constantly

Pour in the sauce when you get ideal toastedness! Ratio is usually 1:2 rice to liquid so I used a totally of 4 cups liquid here, 2 sauce, 2 water

Bring to a boil then drop to a simmer, cover for about 30 mins, meanwhile...

Lets get the other stuff ready. Peel your onions, obviously :P

Cut off the ends

Coarsely slice. Doesn't have to be perfect, that will hold from here on out

Get your bell peppers ready and washed!

Start by cutting them in half

Cut off the stems and veins

Or pull them out, whichever is easier.

Slicing time!!

About a half inch thick but remember doesn't really matter

Take a break!

Picante!! Except not really, these were disappointing. You can tell if they're spicy when you cut them open. If they smell spicy.. They're spicy :P

Not going for perfect haha

And not even very spicy!!

Check your rice! Need more liquid? Add more! Too much? Uncover! How do you tell, mix it a bit and have a bite. Is the rice crunchy! More water/time. No crunchy? It's done!

Slice them up this way

Or this way, whatevs

Thick slices!

Prep the chicken! I had bone it with skin so I had to clean it. Boneless skinless is so much easier to work with.



Bone is the last bit to take care of

Slice up the chicken, bite size strips is your goal. Salt and pepper the. Mix it all up!

Throw it in some hot oil. Here we go!

About halfway done or a little bit sooner is time to throw in veggies

At this point you want to pull the chicken nearer to the top so it cooks at the same rate as the veggies and not overcook

You may want to add more salt. You just added lots of unseasoned veggies.

Cover and let it steam for a bit, not too long where everything looses all snap. Want it cooked not soggy

Looks good!

Serve with some tortillas and enjoy!

Watch the video: Homemade spicy boneless chicken Spaghetti (January 2022).