How to make a kandi star

How to make a kandi star

First you are going to get any type of string from the bead aisle at Walmart, I chose sparkle elastic cords.

Next cut some string at least 15 inches long

Next what you are going to do is get 10 beads of a base color and 15 beads for the points

String the 10 beads onto the string and tie tightly twice leaving 2 or 3 inches on one side.

Once you move the beads around you get a to tiny star.

String the longest cord into a corner bead sticking out

String 3 point beads onto the cord and string the cord into the 3 bead while ignoring the bead in the middle of the base

Do step 7 until you've thread on 15 beads

Once you've added all 15 beads use both strings sticking out to finish your star. Remember to pull the string right around your star so the points fall in place

Cut off your remaining strings.


Watch the video: 3D star kandi cuff tutorial (January 2022).