How to make very "chocolaty" chocolate muffins :)

How to make very

This must be every choclate lovers dream! Cover the muffins with a choclate frosting or ganache to make them if you want to

First of all chop the choclate, omnomnomnomnom! CHOCLATE!!!

In a large bowl add the flour :)


Unsweetend Cocoa

And baking soda and salt


Now pour milk into another bowl

Add eggs

And vanilla (i used the sugar, but you can use the extract instead)

Add the butter and stirr it all together

Then pour it into the dry, choclate, yearh you know what i mean mixture. OMG!

And then... The choclaaaaaate!

Pour the batter into you're cupcake liners

Bake at 170 degries in 20 min and.... -->


Please follow! I will cake you!

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