How to make tractor party boxes

How to make tractor party boxes

Download the template from

Cut out carefully.

Fold all flaps in towards the centre to make a long strip.

Then fold the strip towards the centre.

Make sure the box is the right way up and glue the four tabs starting with the thin tab as above. This is the base.

Now glue the large tab.

And the next large tab.

And finally the small tab at the end.

Now pick the box up and stick the first large tab to the base.

Turn the base and fold the next side onto the thin tab of the base and press to stick.

Turn the base and fold in the next large tab and press to stick to the base whilst at the same time lining up the side tab and sticking it in place.

Now just fold your box lid down and you're done.

Here are your pretty tractor boxes. I'm filling mine with dried fruit.

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