How to use the ifttt app (multiple tasks & actions).

How to use the ifttt app (multiple tasks & actions).

A thank you to snapguide member Amir Shay for pointing this great app and site out to me. I've found it very useful and I now use it every day.

The app is called IFTTT (IF This Then That). The name is basically the formula it uses. It seems a little confusing at first but this guide should make it easy to understand.

Just keep this in mind. "If _____ happens then _____ happens". In the example above it'll save any image you post on Instagram in a specified folder in your drop box for you.

These are called recipes and there are more possible recipes than I can imagine. Just read the above examples to see just a few.

There are lots of sites, apps and services you can use in recipes. For example if you activate "date and times" you'll be able to schedule things to happen.

There's just no end to the possibilities here. How about weather SMS at scheduled times. Or when you post to Facebook it'll automatically post on twitter too. These are just basic recipes.

In the app you'll be able to find already made (user created and shared) recipes by tapping the sunglasses. Or you can create your own "+".

On the main page you'll find or create your recipes by tapping the icon at the top right corner. Settings is at top left. And all the actions the app has done for you.

These are just a few of the recipes I'm currently using. Backup my new contacts to Evernote. Receive SMS if its about to rain and so on.

Here's a few more of the recipes I use just to show you a few more possible things you can do with IFTTT.

Lets create a recipe (tap "+"). To set the "This" part tap the blue + icon.

I want to create a folder in my pocket app that will post anything I put in it on my Facebook wall. So I selected the option under the pocket menu to "New items tagged".

I created a tag for the pocket app called "Facebook".

Now we'll add the "That" part of the recipe. Tap the red + icon.

Find Facebook the select what you want it to do. In this case I want it to post a link to it on my Facebook wall. So I selected "Create a link post".

Tap finish and you're done. Now if I tag something as Facebook in my pocket app. It'll post a link to it on my Facebook wall.

In the recipes menu you can find ready made recipes by tapping the sunglasses icon.

Browse all the user made recipes.

They're separated in sections such as favorites, popular.....

Top recipes and you can search for recipes.

Lets look at a recipe in action. I'm using a recipe that's, "If I create new post on Facebook THEN post it in twitter too". So here's my Facebook post.

Open my twitter and its also been tweeted for me. Talk about a time saver. But it's not just for social networks. You can do much much more than that. I'm still impressed with how useful this is.

I set it to send me weather updates at a specific time every day. Or if its suppose to rain tomorrow.

How about this one? If you have wemo switch (to turn things on and off with your phone). How about a recipe that automatically turns lights on when it gets dark or on when light.

How about automatically sending you an email or SMS of directions to where you have to go on a specific day and time.

The app contains specific iOS functions and apps such as calendar, reminders, camera roll, etc... But you can also use the website and IT'S ALL FREE!!

Check it out. It's all free. I really can't share all it can do in this guide because more recipes are created everyday. But check it out. I'm sure you'll find ways to use it.


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