How to make light and healthy quiche

How to make light and healthy quiche

First and foremost----pour some wine! The more I drink, the better I cook. Not needed for the quiche, but very much needed for me.

Gather all your ingredients (see list)

Whisk the eggs really well. The more you whisk, the fluffier the quiche

Put some dry beans into the pie crust (this is so center doesn't rise )

Bake first the crust for10 min at 400 degrees F

Add cup of milk to eggs and whisk

Add pinch of salt to eggs

Add black pepper and pinch of nutmeg to the eggs

Sauté the spinach and mushroom. You don't have to, but I do, namely to remove water

I finished the Riesling. Now for some Pinot!!

Remove the pie crust from oven. Remove the beans from the pie as well. ( before you finish the 2nd bottle of wine, make sure you do this step!).

Add the spinach and mushrooms to pie crust

Add the cheese---your choice of cheese and how much. I personally prefer cheddar. But Swiss is also quite good.

Should be layered

Pour the egg /milk mixture

Place into oven for 30 min, 400 degrees F. Oven strength may vary---but you know your done when you insert a knife and it comes out clean. Enjoy that New Zealand Pinot while it's cooking

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