How to install an auto safe

How to install an auto safe

This is the safe I will be mounting under my seat

It's electric and this is what it looks like when it's popped open

First a test fit under my seat

Make sure it still opens and checking the clearance

I used painters tape to mark off the area

Removed all the bolts that hold the seat down

Then tilted it back

I wanted a slight tilt to it, so whatever I have, slides to the front when it opens, for easy access when I'm sitting down. I need to build a bracket 3" tall

Use some flat steel and bent it with a rubber mallet and vice

Test fit

Cut the excess

Drilling the mounting holes

Test the bracket and make sure it still fits

View from the back

Marking the holes to mount it to the floor


Used my tap and die set to thread the holes

Drilled and tapped all of the mounting holes, then bolted it down

I ran the switch, that I'm not going to show, but I wired it into the power of the seat then mounted it someone hidden, but convenient . I then bolted the seat back down

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