How to make your own breakfast bars with 3 ingredients!

How to make your own breakfast bars with 3 ingredients!

Add your peanut butter to a medium-large pot. The peanut butter base can be almond butter, cashew butter, or a mix. Whatever your little heart desires. Add Nutella if you're naughty.... And awesome.

Add honey and buy it from a farmer's market please - from a local farmer if you can. Use the same measuring cup with peanut butter goobers. It'll be ok. Turn the burner to med- low.

Why not? I make these bars for my "food particular" boyfriend. I sneak the good stuff in wherever I can. Chia seeds are not just for chia pets! Google their awesomeness. Toss in a handful!

Almonds... Yep. Your favorite nuts'll do. About 1/4 cup or so.

Pinch of salt helps round out the flavor. My peanut butter has no added salt, but if you're using Skippy or something, I would skippy the salt.

Add your oats...

Start stirring..

Stir, stir, stir till it all comes together! Turn the heat on low as you grab your pan and handle any distractions.

Line a pan with wax paper. I'm using a 9" baking dish, but anything can work. If you cut each corner like this, it'll mold right into place. Otherwise, you can just mash it in. The bars will not mind.

Line the pan and dump the glorious mix in.

Mash n' spread evenly into corners.

Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon - or accidentally douse it liberally as I did just now.

Frigidaire time! A couple hours till firm - this depends on how thick you made your bars.

When firm, pull out the giant bar by grabbing the wax paper.

Cut into bite size pieces, use cookie cutters, or just keep it whole and rip hunks off every morning if you're a beast like that.