How to make an awesome quote board

How to make an awesome quote board

This is the quote I liked the best. Found in trusty old Pinterest:)

Wooden board! This lovely thing was found at ace hardware for around $9.

Take your alphabet stickers and arrange them on the board. I recommend a short quote. (By all means choose a long one, but you will hate yourself for it at some point)

Alphabet stickers! I felt like such a five year old buying these:)

Now that your stickers are on the board, chose your weapon! Err I mean sharpie...

Torture time!!! Cover the board with small dots.

Then you peel off the stickers and its nifty little quote board you can call your own:)

Looks better from a distance eh?

Wilson wishes you good luck!:) and I better give credit where it's due, this idea came from both Pinterest and my brother. And the quote is by Theodore Roosevelt.

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