How to find out wit is worth a shout-out: part ii

How to find out wit is worth a shout-out: part ii

Non-alcoholic ginger beer. Don't question it. Tasty-fine alone, but add dark rum and you've got a "dark and stormy." It's 90° today. One is about to be dominated. And yes, it does have serious "zip."

You make mojitos with mint? ok. now try SPEARMINT. It's more elegant and does not have the kick in the face that some varieties of mint have. Mint is arrogant. Spearmint is bashful sexy.

Please stop wasting $ on mixed birdseed - the crap with the mini brown balls in it. Just buy black sunflower seeds. That's all any bird really wants. Hummingbirds and pterodactyls are an exception.

I want to murder fruit flies/gnats with a flame thrower. Alas, I like my kitchen so I use apple cider vinegar in a small dish with a mini squirt of dish soap. Delight in your massacre the next day.

Buy yellow-green scrubbies. Cut in 1/2 with kitchen scissors. This doubles your # of sponges and sharpens the scissor blades. When they get stinky, run them through a dishwasher cycle.

Best. Wine Cork. Ever. Doesn't rust, leak, rot, break, or tarnish. It's a banana. A baby rubber banana. I don't know where to get one. Mine was in an Xmas stocking. You just accepted this quest.

Buy fresh eucalyptus from a florist and hang it over your shower head. The steam will activate the natural oils. You will love. Don't use the dried, dyed stuff at craft stores. no smell and huge mess.

If I started a blog with resources on it where you could find the stuff I mention in my guides, would it be helpful? I'm no blogger.I fear it would be hot chaos. Advice? Back to my day job. Dammit.

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