How to make lentil soup with swiss chard-lebanese cuisine

How to make lentil soup with swiss chard-lebanese cuisine

Lentils are a source protein but they lack two essential amino acids, However, sprouting lentils will contribute to the addition of these 2 amino acids.. Hence they become a complete protein.

Also Sprouting lentils is helpful for those who have have difficulty digesting legumes. It causes some of the starches to be converted to simple sugars, making it easier to digest and much healthier

500 g dry golden lentils. Soak for at least 12 hours. Wash strain and put in a clean kitchen towel. Refrigerate for 48 hrs.

After 48 hours in the fridge they are sprouted and ready to eat as a salad or to cook

1 onion diced 200 g + 1 TBsp of olive oil/optional

Swiss chard

6 Swiss chard stems 130 g

Cut and add over the onions

Celery cut 200 g. Add to the onions...

Potato 1 big

Dicd 220 g

Add potatoes

Add the sprouted lentils. add 1/ cup of water Cover and let them cook on low 1 hr. check from time to time for the water. If lacking add boiling water

After 1 hr check the texture. I like them al dente. So cook more according to your taste. THEN, Traditionally onions, garlic and coriander are fried in olive oil added to the soup. & lemon juice

But personally I will add all this raw. So I add lemon juice, crushed garlic and olive oil stir adjust salt then

Then add sliced spring onions...when in season. Otherwise add any onions / optional mix delicately. Add the Swiss chard leaves cut into 1 cm strips mix and

1 bundle fresh coriander ... 25 g of leaves

Serve hot or cold

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