How to cook calabaza con pollo

How to cook calabaza con pollo

Tatuma squash is best for calabaza con pollo. Tatuma stays firm after cooking. (Tiernita)

Cut squash into1/2 inch thick half slices, Tomatoes into 1/2 inch quarters slices, and serranos will be added whole.

Brown chicken pieces in large pan. Add salt & pepper.

Continue cooking chicken until done all the way through.

Once chicken is cooked & browned add the other ingredients to pan. Add salt & pepper for "sabor".

Simmer for 20 mins. Tatuma squash will stay firm. I prefer not to add any liquid. It produces its own. Serve with corn tortillas.

Watch the video: Tricias Creationsa: Pollo con Calabaza. chicken u0026 squatch (December 2021).