How to paint a wall

How to paint a wall

You should know that painting is the last 10% of the job. The first 90% is prep work like drywall, sanding & cleanup, all of which is covered in another guide. So here's the last 10%!

First things first: Don't be lazy; use a drop cloth. It's annoying but it's definitely not as annoying as cleaning paint drips off the floor after you paint.

After drywall & sanding is done & the wall is free of all dust, What I do when I'm painting with 2 colors (2 tone), is to paint the first color a bit over the corner to make sure the corner is filled.

If you don't overlap like this, it's likely that the white drywall underneath will show in the corner & you'll spent all day trying to cover it. Note: the paint I'm using has primer pre-mixed in it.

When you dip the brush, just dip the tip and run one side of the bristles against the edge of the paint bucket to strain excess paint back into the bucket. Leave the other with the excess paint on it.

Face the side of the brush with extra paint on it towards the corner and run it down the wall near the corner. Don't worry about getting close too close to the corner just yet.

On your second stroke press the bristles firm against the wall and get closer to the corner to make your nice straight line. No tape is needed unless you really aren't any good with your hands.

If you skipped the first stroke & went right to the corner, you most likely had too much paint on the brush & now have a build up right on the edge, good like smoothing it out without making a mess!

Continue this technique all the way around the wall.

Once you've edged (aka "cut-in") the edges of the wall and smoothed it all out,, use a roller to fill in the center.

It's a small wall, so I used a small roller. Less to clean.

Keep going! Almost there.

Ok, the first coat is done. Let it dry and repeat as needed until the wall is a solid, even color. Usually 2 to 3 coats depending on the color, if you used primer first & if the drywall is new or old.

You can us a small roller for small walls, like bathrooms, etc.

If its a big wall, use the small roller first to wides the edges before filling in the center with a bigger roller.

To store the brush or rollers for later you can either clean them or try this little trick...

Dip the tip of the brush in the paint.

You want a decent amount on the bristles but not over half way to the metal.

Cut some clean plastic off from the edge of the drop tarp. Put the paint brush or roller in the plastic.

Fold the plastic over the brush.

Fold it all up so air can't get to the paint to dry it out.

Put it somewhere safe & out of the way where you won't step on it & get paint all over the place. An empty dried out gallon paint bucket works nicely. This will keep the paint fresh for a day or so.

To be honest, this may even keep the paint brush fresh for up to a week but if you're gonna leave it that long, put it in the fridge or freezer and you can keep it there pretty much indefinitely.

Hope you were wearing crappy clothes for this one! -Med School Mike

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