How to cook tangy black sauce sea bass (oriental)

How to cook tangy black sauce sea bass (oriental)

Pre-mix tangy dark sauce for fish: oyster sauce, dark sauce, light soy sauce, sugar and vinegar

Marinade sea bass in white pepper for about 30-45minutes

Add corn flour on both sides of sea bass just before frying

Heat up oil in deep frying pan

Fry each side of sea bass for 10-12 mins (depends on fish size)

Once fish is nicely fried, remove from oil

Retain some oil in the deep frying pan. Keep fish aside and cook sauce next

Retain some oil to cook sauce

Fry onions

Add chilli and tiny ginger piece to fry

Add garlic to fry

Add chives to fry

Add tangy black sauce mixture to fry

Pour sauce over the sea bass

Garnish with fried shallots and Wala!

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