How to make sugarfree icetea

How to make sugarfree icetea

Gather your tea. As you can see, there are so many types. I really like the yogi brand. Also, places like teavana sells loose tea.

On the back of my teavana is the recommended seeping time per tea. The first number is the tsp, the temp, and the time to seep.

Start the kettle or however you get hot water. I have an electric kettle.

If you are using a tea bag, skip ahead to step 12, otherwise continue to see how to use loose tea.

Pick out your tea type. I am blending together my chai oolong with a chai matte because it tastes fantastic.

As you may have noticed, the back measurements for ice tea recommend that you double the measurements. This is to make sure the flavor remains when you melt tea.

Tea balls are handy, I just keep forgetting to order one, so I'm using a premium coffee filter.

Put a coffee filter around the rim or use a tea ball. Put the recommended measurements for your loose tea for iced tea. Since I am mixing, I did 1 tsp of chai oolong and 1 1/2 tsp of chai matte.

Fill a glass with ice. Using a sturdy glass is recommended since ice and really hot liquids can crack glasswear.

When the water is finished boiling, pour 8 oz into the tea mixture(if you are using filters). If you are using a tea ball, pour 8 oz into the cup.

Yay! Delicious looking tea!

After you pour the water in, seep the tea for the listed time. Make sure you don't over seep because the tea will taste bitter. I seeped for 4 mins since the tea had slightly different seep times.

When the time is up, remove the tea ball or coffee filter of tea.

You can either pour the tea in an ice cup immediately or put in the freezer for 10 mins to cool it down.

The tea is looking good, but we aren't finished. After 1 min, most of the ice is gone, so we need to pour it back in the original cup.

Add ice to the cup you were previously using.

Strain the tea into the cup and make sure the ice remains.

Lots of melted ice.

Ta-da! Iced tea without sugar. You can do one more ice pass if you would like, but if not, enjoy!

If the tea isn't sweet enough, you can add milk, honey, or artificial sweeteners.

Watch the video: Iced Tea 3 Delicious Ways (December 2021).