How to make irish soda farls

How to make irish soda farls

Grab your ingredients

Scale flour

Scale salt

Scale bicar

Add buttermilk and mix until you get a nice soft dough. Work fast and gently

Dust with a bit of flour and turn out on to your work surface

Pay it out into a kinda circle shape

About 30mm depth

Cut into four

Heat a pan

Dust with flour and as it starts to turn brown add your first piece of soda farl

Cook for 4 or so minutes

Then turn over and do the other side

When you have made all of them give them 5 minutes in a hot oven to finish the inside

Finished now cover with a cloth to keep the crust soft

Like this

And that's it! We used to have these in Ireland fried in bacon fat with crispy bacon and soft yolked fried eggs with HP sauce! Mmmm

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