How to record audio

How to record audio

Mic should be plugged in to Mic. Open both cases and hold power on.

On the receiver the plug should be plugged from out to left or right on recorder.

Hold Stop button to power on recorder and hit Enter (yes) to phantom power. That powers the shotgun mic, which should be plugged in on bottom also (left or right).

Hit Record once to put it in record-pause. At this point you can hear thru the headphones. Use the up and down buttons on left side to turn mic volume if it is way high or low. Probably just leave it.

Hold shutter to focus the camera on subject after they're seated and camera set up.

Hit the live view button (above screen to left, just out of this pic) to turn on screen. Hit button in center of dial to record.

This is the lever to take camera off tripod.

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