How to make party quesadilla mix

How to make party quesadilla mix

Gather your supplies. I now realize there is blue cheese and prosciutto missing.

Put mustard in a soup plate

Add ketchup

Mix. Chicken will bath here

Prepare your breast of chicken

Slice through the chicken breasts

You will get a slimmer chicken breast

Slize the chicken into smaller pieces

Mix chicken with your prepared mixture

Mix and let it lay for a bit. No salt needed since ketchup and mustard is already salty.

Grate your cheese, eidam melts well.

Sprey the frying pan

Fry the chicken

Until its ready. Put aside.

Sprey your other frying pan and put on tortilla, let it get a nice tan from one side

Flip, see how crunchy it already gets?

Immediatly after flipping put some cheese on top. These are gouda slices.

Add the prepared chicken

And more cheese. Dont be shy, everything is better with cheese :)

Add Perfect garlic sauce on one side of tortilla (find guide on Perfect garlic sauce on my profile)

Like this

Flip tortilla and press lightly with a fork

Your first tortilla is ready! Lets do more variety now

Put fresh tortilla on the frying pan, flip when goldish from one side (step 15 and 16). Put good amount of cheese on top.

Put prosciutto crudo (parma ham) on top of the cheese

Once the cheese starts to melt, flip. Press hard with fork all around the half side of tortilla. You want to have it as thin as possible, but keeping the cheese inside.

Cut triangles

Add to your party quesadilla mix plate.

For a vegetarian option add different cheeses in the tortilla. Here I use eidam, gouda and blue cheese.

Flip and again press hard evenly.

Nice and thin, but full of good melting cheese. I am getting hungry just writing this down :)

Add the three different types of quesadillas on a plate. The party can start, they will be loved!

Watch the video: Quesadillas (January 2022).