How to create tropical nails

How to create tropical nails

Gather supplies. Will name the colours at the end. Also need base/top coat

Base coat clean nails

Base coat clean nails, put coat of base colour.

Dab some of the second colour on to a pallet and dip small brush in

Stipple colour across middle of nails, then mix second and third colour and stipple tips. Don't allow the polish to get too tacky or will pull off colours

Take a very fine brush, mine is a stripper brush, and dab some black into pallet. Just use tip of the brush

You should end up with something like this. I am hopeless at art so if I can manage this so can you. Would love to see yours. This can be adjusted for any theme , next I'm going to try night sky.

Close up! Make sure to put a top coat on and leave to dry well.

My colours were Opi a roll in The Hague Barry m pomegranate 322 Laval ultra yellow Barry m black

Final tips Keep nail varnish in a little pot so you can dip and clean the brushes during use as they get clogged with polish. Put a good coat of top coat on in two strokes Enjoy and be creative. X

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