How to make cevapcici

How to make cevapcici

Begin with the sauce; mix yoghurt & ajvar relish. Add a squeeze of lemon, and some salt & pepper. To spice it up you can add some chili flakes. Put in the fridge while making the cevapcici.

Chop some flat parsley.

If you use cevapcici spice mix, mix it with water and allow it to thicken. I ended up using both a spice mix and some extra spices since I wanted to make a bigger batch than with 500 gram beef.

Add the spice mix/water mix to the beef.

Mix well and add the flat parsley.

Again mix well.

Add chopped chili.

Also add vegeta. Mix. Then form ovale meatballs and put on wooden skewers (that must soak in water at least 2 hours). Grill for about 8 minutes.

Turn repeatedly. It is a lot better to use 2 skewers than a single one since makes it easier to turn the skewers.

The best way to enjoy cevapcici according to me is in pita breads (although in Croatia it is always served with some kinds of potatoes, like French fries). Add what you like; for example;

Chopped onion, a green salad, ajvar sauce.

I cannot wait!

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