How to make a paper beak

How to make a paper beak

Ok, so you've got your piece of paper...

Fold in half hamburger style

Try to get it as neat as possible

Fold on side down to the end

Then do the same to the other side

Turn your paper so that the two open parts are facing away

Fold these two corners down like that, and do the same to the other side....

Like that

Now this part is a little confusing so look carefully

On that same side, on the top right corner, fold that remaining piece down

Then flip it over and do the same thing. But make sure it's the top right corner, and fold it TOWARDS you

Turn it upside down so it resembles a boat

Right in the middle, make a small tear, or cut (tearing is a lot more convenient)

Like this. Try to make it as straight as possible

Fold the sides down so you have two little flaps

AND, do the same to the other side

Finally, open the insides and fold the top and bottom together

And there's your beak!

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