How to make a plaster mask.

How to make a plaster mask.

These are the materials you will need.

Place your plastic half pipe onto the plaster board.

Flatten your chunk of clay into a flat face shaped plate. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Place your flattened clay 'plate' over the half pipe on the plaster board.

Create exaggerated distorted and stylised facial features. Make holes for the eyes and mouth, sculpt a nose.

Make sure your plaster roll is cut into manageable strips. Best to do this outside in a container as the plaster dust can be an irritant and can easily get into your eyes....this is no fun, it stings!

After 6 to 8 layers of plaster add character to your mask in the form of wrinkles or manipulated plaster strips to emphasise facial expression.

Now your are ready to decorate and embellish your mask. Along with layers of paint I have used painted pistachio shells, dyed emu feathers, raffia plaits and clay beads in this mask.

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