How to make glen's delicious chili

How to make glen's delicious chili

Chop garlic, tomatoes, onion and green pepper( I didn't show the pepper here but you can cut it like this)

Don't add the can of beer that was just for me lol forgot the jalapeño very important....

You can find this on the frozen section of your super market. Or blend 2 medium green bell 2 medium onions, peeled 1 head of garlic, peeled 1 bunch culantro leaves 6 small sweet chile peppers

Brown the meat add all the ingredients

Looking good. Remember you can add more seasoning to your liking

Cook it in low heat for 1 hour to and hour an a half

Serve it with some Buttered Italian bread. You can also add some cheese it u like. Hope u guys like it. Enjoy!!!

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