How to do seven minute ryan lochtes

How to do seven minute ryan lochtes

These are seven one-minute ab workouts that will help to strengthen your core and give you Ryan Lochte abs.

First exercise: crunches Set a timer for one minute and start on these half-sit-ups.

Instead of going all the way to your knees, just try to get your upper back off the ground.

Exercise two: six inches. Lie on your back with your arms under your butt for support and lift your legs about six inches off the ground and hold. Your head should be up too.

For the six inches, if you would like to make it harder add some flutter kicks or open and close your legs.

Three: planks. Make sure to keep your back as straight as possible. No mountains and no valleys.

Six: bicycles. Lift your left leg to your right arm and then right leg to left arm. Try not to let your legs touch the ground.

Seven: bananas. Start as if you are doing V-Ups, and then hold it in six inches position.

And you're done! Do this as often as you can. Also, don't forget to stretch before and after you work out. Some good stretches are the child's pose and the cobra, which stretch your abs and back.

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