How to make paneer cheese

How to make paneer cheese

Pour the milk into a heavy non-reactive pot..stainless steel, no aluminium.

Bring it to a boil using a wooden spoon to keep it from sticking

Watch that sucker. You may think it's all good and you've got it under control when Wham! It boils over! Take it from me, it happens...easily and cleaning up after is not pretty.

When your milk is boiling add the vinegar/lemon juice and turn the heat way down. Curds will form. Like almost instantly.

Stir it up. If the curds don't form you can turn the heat up a bit and stir.

The curds will separate from the whey, which is the liquid yellow stuff. When your curds are separated ladle it all into a cheese cloth lined colander gently.

Note: There are uses for whey but we won't deal with that here, so unless you know some ad want to save it for that, just pour it off.

let the curds cool a bit then draw up the sides of the cheese cloth into a little bag. Twist it tight to drain the whey and liquid off.

6.) Hang the cheesecloth bag from the faucet or two cans like I've done here, and let it drain and drip into the sink or a pot.

When it's cooled you can press it into a pan cover it and weight it down with some cans so that you'll have a flat block for cubing, or just put it in an airtight container in the fridge .

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