How to roast crispy pork in vietnamese style

How to roast crispy pork in vietnamese style

Pork belly: wash and check its skin. Make sure there is no hair on it. Cut some lines on pork skin like this. Dont cut deeply

Boil water and put it in 7 mins or till the skin surface shrinks

Use tower/ napkin to dry the pork belly. Then use a folk to stab the skin. This step helps the product beautiful with bubbles on skin after roasted

Mix marinate sauce: five spice, minced garlic, hoisin, sugar. Apply this sauce on meat ONLY, not apply for skin surface.

Prepare salt and vinegar in 2 separate bowls. Then use brush to apply salt and vinegar on pork skin ONLY. One layer of salt then one layer of vinegar till done

Marinate it in the fridge at least 4 hours

Put it in the oven like that. U can use foil to wrap the pan under to contain melt lard

Put in the oven 200C. After 20 mins brush one more vinegar layer on skin. It can be done in 45 mins. Yummm!

Cut it to check if it may be raw

Add rice,and served. Delicious!

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