How to cook vietnamese chicken noodle soup 'phở gà'

How to cook vietnamese chicken noodle soup 'phở gà'

Grill the ginger and shallot till their skin burned and fragrant. Take out, let it cool and remove the black cover.

Cut onion to thin slice and dip in cold water to reduce smelly onion

Cook chicken in cold water, boil it. Add grilled ginger, shallot, salt and sugar. If you like mushroom and lime leaf, put it in (traditional recipe does not contain those). It looks sexy right?! :)

Additional special flavor: if u can find out those, it enhances your flavor a lot: coriander seeds, anise&cinamon. Put them on hot pan 2mins before adding in the broth.

While the chicken is being cooked, boil your rice noodles. Sieve them after 10mins, rinse under cool water to prevent they stick together

Chicken is cooked! Flush the chicken under cold water to keep its skin firmly. Then use knife to remove breast and whole legs. Cutting the meat off the bone.

Separate chicken meat like this, re-cook the chicken frame and bones for broth

Prepare mungbean and cilantro already. Actually in Vietnam I use more herbs which are not available here such as Thai Basil, sawtooth

Cut spring onion. The white head is long, the green parts is minced

Ok deal with broth After 20mins. Use sieve to filter all stuff like bones, herbs... Seasoning again with fish sauce, salt and seasoning powder. Keep the stock hot to serve

Yayy finally... Heat rice noodles bowl first in microwave. Add broth, top: chicken meat, onion, spring onion, cilantro, mungbean, pepper or chilly if u want to feel hot, serve with hoisin sauce.

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