How to make pear sauce

How to make pear sauce

After your pears have ripened wash them thoroughly.

Peel the skin like peeling and apple or potato

Core pears. Depending on the size of your pears you can use a knife or an apple corer. Some like to cut pears and melon ball the seeds out also. Which ever way works best for you.

Add water and lemon juice (if you don't have lemon juice you can also use citric acid.

Note: do not add sugar and cinnamon until later (don't ask what happened to my picture :) )

Bring to boil.

Once boiling cover and turn down to low. Let simmer until pears are boiled down. It's ok to have some chunks, the blender can help that. :).

Once applesauce consistency add sugar and cinnamon to taste (optional)

Let cool

If you still have some chunks then blend in the blender.

Watch the video: Pear Sauce (December 2021).