How to create a quilted nail art look

How to create a quilted nail art look

White nail polish is made by Sinful Colors, pink and purple are made by Orly and Matte top coat is china glaze. You can get flossers from drugstores like rite aid, cvs, etc.

Step 1: Base coat nails and let dry

Step 2: Paint two coats of Pink nail polish on thumb and ring finger, let dry.

Step 3: Paint two coats of White nail polish on pointer finger, let dry.

Step 4: On pointer finger, Create alternating rows of Pink and Purple Hearts. To do this, create v-shapes with dotting tool. Let dry.

Step 5: Paint two coats of Purple nail polish on pinkie and middle fingers. Do not let dry completely.

Step 6: Paint all nails with matte top coat. Let dry a few minutes.

Step 7: Gently press flosser into nails in a diagonal pattern like shown above.

Step 8: Use Pink nail polish and dotting tool to place polka dots where lines intersect.

Step 9: Put a dab of matte top coat on pink nails and place two gems.

Step 10: Let nails dry completely and enjoy!!

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